angular-datepicker-light plugin

A very light weight date picker directive for AngularJS 1.x

  • Live Demo and source code on Github.

  • npm install angular-datepicker-light

  • Supports inline, activate on focus, disabled dates, custom week start, dates from other months etc.


Use a Custom Content Negotiatior to always return JSON in ASP.NET Web API

The ASP.NET Web API pipeline decides the media formatter to use depending on the request. This complex decision making process occurs during the content negotiation and is handled by the DefaultContentNegotiator. If we need to support only a single format, say JSON, we can replace the default negotiator with


Pass PL/SQL associative array to Oracle stored procedure from C#

The ArrayBind feature of ODP.NET comes allows passing arrays to a stored procedure. Since all parameters should be arrays of equal length, it may not be the right choice if not all parameters are arrays. Say, we want to call a procedure that takes a user name and an array of role names


Sort List with string property names

For .NET 3.5 and later we can use the System.Linq.Dynamic library available for download from NuGet If we have a collection of Car objects with properties Make, Model, Year and Price... class Car { public string Make { get; set; } public string Model { get; set; } public int Year { get;